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Nexlink® Limulus™ Supercomputer
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– Pick Any Three

Remember the old saying, “Speed, reliability, and cost – pick any two”? The Nexlink Limulus Personal Supercomputer makes it so you don’t have to choose – you get to pick all three. The Limulus is a low cost system that is a real HPC cluster; it runs the same open source software as the big clusters. The cooling and power design makes the Limulus so quiet and cool you can run it right at your desk, and the intelligent node software saves energy by turning off the nodes that are not in use. The best thing about the Limulus is that it gives you personal cores right at your side, you control what runs on the system without worrying about scheduling or who controls the power switch.

The Limulus can be a valuable tool for a number of different users. As a personal HPC system it is a great option, and it also can be used for small production jobs. HPC educators can use the Limulus for teaching and demonstration purposes. Software and HPC Cloud developers can stage their work on the Limulus for testing purposes and then push it up to the cloud confident that the software has been tested in a real cluster environment.

Hardware Specifications:

  • Four x86 Motherboards, up to 16 total cores, 1 Head Node and 3 Compute Nodes, upto 32 GB Memory per Node
  • Diskless and Diskfull Node Options
  • Internal Gigabit Ethenet Switch with Dual Gigabit Ethernet Option
  • Single Power Supply for all Nodes
  • SSD Drive with Optional RAID Enclosure
  • Video, USB, Power Switch, Power Light for each Node

Software Specifications:

  • Standard Open Source HPC Stack, the same software as the “big clusters”
  • Turn-key “day one ready to run”
  • Based on Scientific Linux 6.0
  • Full Integration with the hardware
  • Optional support package available
  • Important HPC Applications available




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