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Digital Signage Multi-Display / Performance

Signage HD-N

Inspired by the Intel® NUC, the HDN is an exclusive media player from Seneca that enhances capabilities of the Intel® NUC. Notable features include internal power and improved thermal efficiencies providing an ideal solution for interactive kiosks and Quick Serve Restaurants (QSR).

  • Internal power supply for easy mounting and cabling
  • Front USB port to expand I/O capability and simplify servicing
  • Serial port for central management and monitor control
  • Enhanced thermal efficiencies for extreme environments
Signage HD-1.3

HD1.3 »
Exclusive from Seneca the HD1.3 ultra small form factor media player has high performance capabilities. This chassis is equipped with custom heat sinks thermally optimized for up to the 4th gen Intel® Core™ Processor Family.

  • Optional TV Tuner, Serial Port, and mSATA
  • VESA and Wall Mountable
  • Supports dual independent displays
Signage HD-2.2

HD2.2 »
Exclusive from Seneca this small form factor media player has high customization capabilities. The HD2.2 has been engineered to support different processor based on desired performance from the Intel® Atom™ Processor up to the 4th gen Intel® Core™ Processor Family. This customized media player can be configured in many different ways to provide the I/O necessary to optimize your chosen software.

  • 2 low noise 80mm fans
  • Ability to run Wireless and TV Tuner simultaneously
  • Bluetooth
  • VESA and Wall Mountable
  • Up to 2 independent displays
Signage HD-2.8

HD2.8 »
Exclusive from Seneca, the HD2.8 has expansion capabilities that have been engineered to meet the demands for a solution that can featured a dedicated graphics card in a custom small form factor design.

  • Supports up to the 4th gen Intel® Core™ Processor Family
  • Optional Serial Port and TV Tuner
  • High Expansion capabilities
  • Up to 4 independent displays
Signage OEM-DE5100

DE5100i »
Based on AOpen's Digital Engine platform, the DE5100i supports the 3rd and 2nd generation Intel® Core™ Processor family. Integrated with Intel HD graphics, the DE5100i delivers ultra smooth high definition video playback.

  • Serial Port for Direct Management
  • Optional TV Tuner
  • Up to 2 independent displays
Signage HD-2.2

MP67 »
The MP67 supports Intel® WiDi Technology allowing you to share high definition content wirelessly on any display. Equipped with Intel Active Management Technology users can troubleshoot and repair the MP67 remotely, ensuring full performance at all times.

  • Optional VESA Bracket and Optical Disk Drive
  • Intel Active Management Technology 7.0
  • Intel WiDi Technology
  • Up to 2 independent displays
Signage OEM-DE67

DE67 »
The DE67 supports the 3rd generation Intel® Core™ Processor family. This media player is equipped with Intel Active Management Technology, allowing you to troubleshoot and repair your system remotely for guaranteed performance at all times.

  • Kensington Lock Hole
  • 1 x Serial Port
  • Intel WiDi Technology
  • Up to 2 independent displays




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