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Engineering Resource and Solutions Center

engineering lab

The Engineering Resource and Solution Center is a highly secure laboratory located in Seneca’s Syracuse New York headquarters. This area is used for extensive product design, development and customer support activities. Seneca has invested heavily in this facility in an effort to further advance our ability to support customers with general computing products, high end storage and specialized single purpose appliance technologies. The Resource and Solutions Center is also a wonderful showpiece and we invite you to take a tour to learn more about our capabilities and how your organization will benefit.

Some of the key features are:

  • A team of certified engineers with specialties in digital signage, security and surveillance, storage and high performance computing are available to work with customers on product design and development.
  • Benchmark testing and diagnostic services such as: Complete thermal analysis, full power analysis, ESD testing, shake and vibration testing, EMI screening, and acoustical analysis.
  • Direct support and collaboration with industry leaders such as Intel®, Microsoft, AIC, Supermicro, AOpen and more.
  • Customer specific applications and proprietary hardware testing and validation.
  • Usage model validation testing in our simulation environments “for digital signage, digital security and surveillance, broadcast and gaming.”
  • Product safety certification services: UL, TUV, CTL, FCC, CE and more.
  • Full component testing, evaluation and validation for new builds.
  • Product lifecycle management to qualify new products replacements to end of life components.

Time To Market Process

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