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Solution Engineering

soultion engineering

Seneca’s product development process is designed to shorten time to market and simplify technology for our customers. Our engineering strategy begins with a team of experienced solution engineers who help design your custom platform using the latest in proven technologies. This process will continue to support you through the lifecycle of your solution, and will guide you through your next generation refresh. Our Resources and Solution Center can also handle your extensive product design, co-development and customer support requirements such as product certifications and performance testing.

Explore the Engineering Resource and Solutions Center that was built to put these practices to use »

Product Development: A Proven Process

Need Assessment: Critical in designing formidable custom solutions and create long term value

  • Identify complete project requirements such as form factor, operating environment, usage model, and thermals
  • Material Resource Planning by identifying optimal supplier partners
  • Review projected forecasts, stocking requirements and lifecycle expectations
  • Define software requirements and compatibility
  • Establish quality standard based upon individual requirements


  • Based on project requirements, Seneca’s engineering team offers a product recommendation based on current and upcoming hardware platforms
  • If recommendation does not fit the customer’s project demand Seneca’s engineers reassess the projects based on necessary requirements for a custom solution


  • Developed prototype is tested and validated to ensure performance and compatibility
  • Rigorous and streamlined testing to ensure complete compliance of the hardware platform
  • Based on testing, Seneca engineers will optimize solution and make hardware revisions to ensure the solution achieves the best performance
  • Seneca reference platforms enable rapid prototyping and streamlined time to market
  • Fully custom platform design, engineering and production capabilities enable total platform flexibility

Customer Evaluation

  • Developed prototype is sent to the customer for complete testing and evaluation
  • Safety requirements can be sent and documented as needed


  • Upon customer approval the solution is prepared for full production based off the customer’s requirements
  • Develop assembly and inspection documentation
  • In-Process instructions (IPI) and visual build instructions are created
  • Approved static build of materials enter into the life cycle database

Lifecycle Management

  • Project Management team maintains the product throughout the complete product lifecycle
  • End of life monitoring, analysis, and notifications

Seneca: Dedicated Solution Partner
Throughout every engagement, Seneca acts as a dedicated customer partner, helping you get to market faster by combining the latest technology innovations with efficient best practices to enable competitive advantage, superior quality and sustained value.





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