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Digital Broadcast

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    Digital Broadcast Leader of Designing, Building, and Integration Broadcast Solutions

    Seneca is a leading U.S. custom computer and appliance manufacturer providing expertise in designing, building, and integrating systems for the digital broadcast market. Offering a wide range of broadcast solutions Seneca creates unique applications for broadcast projects including storage and editing solutions, workstations, and video wall controllers.

    Seneca digital broadcast engineers benchmark and optimize all broadcast solutions to maximize overall performance and assist commercial integrators on recommending the optimal solution for our customers. We are able to offer the best products in the market with our industry knowledge and engineering expertise including:

    • Advanced thermal and vibration testing to ensure performance in all conditions
    • Certified systems by partnering with leading ISVs and testing and optimizing their platforms on our systems
    • Advanced image management to simplify your broadcast project
    • Industry leading services including consulting, design, and implementation
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  • Digital Broadcast Product Line

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    Digital Broadcast Applications

    Financial »
    Financial institutions such as banks to brokerage firms to trading floors utilize digital broadcast solutions to process critical information as well as calculate public stocks, securities, and numbers.

    Business »
    There are many general business usage for digital broadcast workloads including design and editing, displays and video walls, and video conferencing. All of these applications require unique and custom solutions in order to increase work efficiencies.

    Education »
    Collaborative learning is a way universities are expanding resources for their students. This method is a way to utilize the latest technology to extend the learning environment outside of the classroom. Students are able to virtually work together and interact to extend learning and studying outside of the classroom.

    Restaurants »
    Video wall controller can be used to control and program the TVs for sports events for the day. Restaurants are now able to focus on maintaining and running the restaurant without worrying about the different TVs, schedules, and how to manage the multiple screens.

    Hospitals »
    Digital broadcast solutions allows hospitals to use live communication across hospitals to share expertise and diagnosis to better and more accurately serve their patients.

    Sports Arenas »
    Sporting venues rely on digital broadcast technologies for video, audio, and editing to produce and distribute sports content. Sports displays provide fans with the ultimate experiences by engaging them throughout the game, instant replays, or streaming plays under review with the use of HD video walls.

    Retail »
    Video walls used within retail stores are a great way to catch the eye of a shopper as well as communicate in-store promotions and promote brands and product. Streaming video wall will enhance any retail brand with dynamic video and content.

    Transportation »
    Monitoring the number of secuirty feeds can be extremely challenging. This is where video wall and control rooms come into play, Seneca has the expertise to provide a control room solution that meets these demanding requirements.

    Utilities/Government »
    Government, scientists, and engineers require a high performance solution to create simulations, animations, and rendering for architectural visualization, scientific modeling, and product testing.

    Control centers require real time access to critical information to enable operators to respond immediately from security and surveillance monitoring to military command centers. Seneca provides video walls, video wall controllers, and storage appliances to ensure a proper solution for your command and control center.

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  • Digital Broadcast Engagment Workflow

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    digital broadcast engagement workflow

  • Digital Broadcast Services

    Digital Broadcast projects require extensive expertise to ensure a lasting and quality solution. Seneca takes pride in making sure our customers are choosing the right technology and solutions to integrate these types of solutions. We offer pre-sales engineering to support different project configurations and proper sizing based on your individual projects and industry standards.

    Seneca offers extensive design, development, and engineering support to cover proper benchmarking, simulation, and validation testing. Offering a wide range of services to assist these projects, Seneca will help validate and integrate solutions for your customers.

    Pre-Sales Consultation and Design
    Seneca Digital Broadcast engineers consult with every project to fully understand the projects needs and demands. Upon discovering the solution needed, our engineers will recommend the best solution utilizing the latest technology and choosing a product with the proper design for the intended usage. Through extensive communication with our customers our engineers will work with you to develop a solution that fully satisfies your project’s demands.

    Integration and Project Deployment
    A digital broadcast solution is more than just hooking up equipment. Regardless if this is a brand new solution or a solution that is being integrated into an existing infrastructure Seneca will assist every step along the process to ensure the solution meets are requirements.

    Seneca is passionate about delivering a quality product built to last. We will ensure that all hardware and software are certified for a guaranteed solution. Seneca engineering will simplify the process to ensure that not only does the solution meet your needs but it will be a lasting solution.

    Post-Sales Service and Support
    Our service and support does not stop after the installation is complete. Seneca will continue to support your digital broadcast solution throughout the complete product lifecycle. Seneca offers customized support programs to suit your demanding needs along with warranty options from 1-5 years. All service and support operations are based in the US will direct contact with Seneca digital broadcast engineering and support team.

  • Digital Broadcast Resources


    Ecosystem Chart »
    The Digital Broadcast market has an extensive amount of technology including different applications such as editing, storage, and rendering. In this free download you will explore how digital broadcast projects work and how they interact with each other to offer a dynamic and quality solution.

    xVos Sales Resource Guide »
    Seneca's xVault xVos storage platform takes your storage infrastructure to a new level by serving all of your storage needs in a single box. In this free resource guide you will learn how this powerful storage platform is capable of multiple network connections simultaneously and how to better manage your digital broadcast workloads.

    Press Releases

    Seneca Introduces the Nexlink 7950 Workstation, Featuring NVIDIA Maximus Technology
    Seneca announced the availability of the Nexlink® 7950 workstation for digital broadcast and other accelerated computing applications. The Nexlink 7950 workstation is a digital broadcast editing and rendering workstation with Adobe Creative Cloud Pro Video Optimized System Certification.

  • Why Seneca for Digital Broadcast

    Seneca offers the Digital Broadcast market a wide range of quality solutions backed by engineering expertise, quality products, valued partnerships, and world class support.

    Broadcast Engineering Expertise

    • Engineering expertise in video capture, playback, editing, and storage
    • Extensive consult, design and development service to ensure a quality solutions
    • Benchmark, simulation, validation, and diagnosis testing done in-house
    • Access to solution and product engineers dedicated to assist in project design and development
    • Pre-sales engineering services for proper sizing and configuration based on your individual project

    Quality Products Designed for Digital Broadcast

    • Exclusive products designed based on project requirements
    • Ready to ship systems for a fast turnaround
    • Purpose built and custom appliance utilizing the latest technology
    • Contract manufacturing

    Industry Leading ISV and Technology Partnerships

    • Strategic technology partnerships to deliver more capabilities and expertise to your solutions
    • Complete ecosystem of partners allowing us to offer unique and exclusive product at low cost
    • Certification with leading ISV for certified appliances

    World Class Support

    • Customized support programs to fit your projects demands
    • US based technical support
    • Warranty options ranging from 1-5 years
    • Dedicated Digital Broadcast engineers and support team

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