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Digital Security & Surveillance

  • Seneca. The Leader of Video Storage and Server Solutions

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    Seneca is a leading US manufacturer of xVault digital security and surveillance solutions, offering certified Network Video Recorders (NVR), viewing stations, mobile and hybrid NVRs, and storage solutions. The xVault product line delivers quality, purpose built solutions that are custom configured for leading Video Management Software (VMS) platforms to ensure maximum performance and compatibility. For over 10 years, Seneca has built their foundation on using their expertise to understand the surveillance market and their challenges. This expertise has allowed us to create solutions to simplify technology for the digital security and surveillance market.

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  • Seneca Partnerships in Digital Security and Surveillance

    seneca partnerships Seneca is committed to providing the best quality products in the market by partnering with industry technology leaders. Through long-term, mutually beneficial relationships Seneca work closely with their partners to deliver the best video surveillance solutions in the market. Collaborating with technology leaders, video management software companies, and leading distributors allows Seneca to provide the best quality products available in the security and surveillance market.

    Seneca has established strong partnerships with various video management software companies (VMS), camera and networking manufacturers. With these partnerships, Seneca is able to guarantee every system through an in-depth testing process with various hardware configurations to provide a truly optimized system. Our engineers test VMS applications and simulate real world scenarios for recording, archiving, and viewing.

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    We have aligned ourselves with strategic distributor partners to expand our xVault product line distribution. Seneca xVault digital security and surveillance products can be purchased with the following distributors.

    North America
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    CALA – Central America, Latin America
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  • Digital Security and Surveillance xVault Product Line

  • digital security applications

    Digital Security and Surveillance Applications

    Financial »
    A well thought out surveillance solutions allows financial institution to monitor operations at all time. From single sites to multiple sites you will be able to manage all your branches to ensure safety for your customers and against theft.

    Business »
    Protect your assets with an xVault surveillance system to monitor your office building, parking lots, and warehouse facilities.

    Education »
    Video surveillance on education campuses is not only essential but one of the most important components to ensure safety of students and faculty. Campuses have many demands of surveillance including classrooms, main dining areas, parking areas, campus buildings, dorms, and more.

    Restaurants »
    With a properly scaled video surveillance solution Restaurants, of all sizes, can face the challenges of monitoring cash operations, customer and employee safety, and inventory control.

    Hospitals »
    Hospitals face unique challenges on a daily basis including visitor management, safety, HIPPA policies, and pharmacy operations. With security and surveillance solutions from Seneca, hospitals are able to effectively monitor critical areas such as restricted areas, waiting rooms, patient’s room, parking lots, emergency rooms, and more.

    Sports Arenas »
    Sports Arenas attract large crowds and need to ensure the safety of their customers, employees, and property. Indoors and outdoors video security and surveillance solution is essential to monitor activities before, during, and after the event.

    Casinos »
    With the large volume of activities and people in casinos, it is essential to have a video surveillance solution in place to ensure the safety of everyone. Not only to monitor the safety of guests but managment of cash operations, gaming tables, and chip exchanges.

    Retail »
    Utilizing security and surveillance solutions from Seneca, retailers are able to capture wide range of security solutions including customer and employee protection, loss protection, and analytics.

    Transportation »
    Transportation outlets need to create a safe environment by monitoring potential vandalism, improve incident response times, and manage crowd control. Live video feeds can be utilized by transit or police officers to ensure passenger safety.

    Utilities/Government »
    City surveillance projects are getting more and more popular as cities have an increasing need to protect the public by aiding law enforcement with security footage in large metropolitan areas.

    In an environment where work is surrounded by hazardous conditions and chemicals, security is constantly on the minds of workers and managers.

  • Digital Security and Surveillance Resources

    Seneca offers a broad range of Digital Security and Surveillance products and solutions to fill the needs of this market. We have expertise and knowledge in this market and look forward to assisting you in your next surveillance project. Below are resources to help you choose the right video surveillance solution.

    security products


    xNVR100 Resource Guide »
    The xNVR100 product line can support a wide range of projects including IP, analog, and the integration of analog to IP (hybrid solutions). This project guide provides information on all projects and how it can be used in your next project.

    • Benefits of a hybrid NVR
    • Flexible configurations up to 32 cameras
    • VMS platforms that are optimized for superior performance
    • Bundle solution with OnSSI ready to deploy

    Surveillance Resource Guide »
    This resource guide will give you everything you need to know about:

    • Seneca’s background
    • Benefits of partnering with Seneca
    • Engineering expertise in IP digital security and surveillance
    • xVault product overview

    xVault Network Video Recorder Product Matrix »
    Compare Network Video Recorders (NVR) side by side.

    • Compare xNVR100-400 product line
    • Review the latest technology Seneca offers
    • Flexible and scalable options for all models

    xVault Client Viewing Station Product Matrix »
    Complete product matrix of our the entire xVault Client Viewing Station (xView) product line.

    • Learn how to increase efficiency with single or multi-view viewings stations
    • Surveillance usage models for client viewing including video walls
    • xView 100-400 product lines

    Hybrid Network Video Recorder Product Guide »
    This product guide will give you everything you need to know about the benefits and usage of a Hybrid NVR including:

    • What is a Hybrid video storage server?
    • Why you need a Hybrid NVR
    • Integration with video management software (VMS)
    • Benefits and flexibility of the xVault Hybrid NVR

    Video Management Software (VMS) Certification & Validation Process »
    This document outlines our commitment to designing and manufacturing quality, certified, and guarantee surveillance systems. You will learn:

    • xVault hardware certification process with leading VMS
    • VMS specific server and client testing
    • Specific configurations for video surveillance
    Press Releases

    Seneca® Achieves Milestone Certification for XProtect Platforms »
    Seneca announced completed hardware certification for Milestone’s XProtect Software Platforms. The Milestone solution certification provides integrators and their customers’ peace of mind that xVault network video recorder platforms are optimized for superior performance with Milestone XProtect video management software platforms.

    Seneca® Expands Their Security Portfolio with the xVault Access Control Server (xAccess100) »
    The xVault xAccess100 Access Control Server expands the existing xVault product portfolio of Network Video Recorders (NVRs), Hybrid NVRs, Viewing Stations and Expandable Storage Appliances.

    Seneca Introduces Certified Client Viewing Stations at ASIS 2013 »
    Seneca announced the availability of a complete line of client viewing stations. xView viewing stations are a complimentary offering to the xVault video storage line and are designed to fulfill digital security and surveillance projects, from a single display, single site installation to a multiple site, control room environment utilizing a video wall.

    Seneca® Expands Distribution of the xVault Product Line with PSA Security Networks »
    Seneca announced adding Professional Security Alliance (PSA) Security Networks as a strategic distribution partner. Learn about the company and the products this partnership will bring to you.

    Seneca Introduces xVault Hybrid Network Video Recorders (NVRs) »
    Hybrid xNVRs are purpose built appliances that support both IP and analog cameras, helping DSS integrators bridge the gap between these technologies.

    The xVault Hybrid xNVR is custom designed as a small form factor solution including capabilities such as:

    • Analog capabilities for up to 16 channels and 48 IP channels providing up to a max of 64 inputs
    • Up to 16 local client viewing streams*
    • Improved system performance specific to leading VMS platforms through custom OS settings
    • Pre-configured hardware settings for simplified installations

    *Local viewing is dependent on the processor selection and camera configuration


    What You Need to be Successful with Best of Breed Solutions »
    When it comes to determining the best digital security and surveillance solution, there is a lot of confusion around best of breed solutions compared to commercial off the shelf / turnkey solutions. We have seen something similar in the past with IP and analog technology. Analog systems are built using a single supplier for all components in the system with little to no flexibility for options of specific usage needs. However, IP based systems allow complete flexibility by selecting components from multiple suppliers and building a system off specific needs.

  • why seneca for digital security

    Optimal Solutions for the Digital Security and Surveillance Market.

    Seneca builds digital security and surveillance products that are truly purpose built. By purpose built we mean that our engineering team understands all the technical components that are necessary for a fully optimized system.

    Why You Cannot Afford to Not Partner With Seneca

    • Certified Solutions designed for leading Video Management Software (VMS)
    • Purpose built and tuned appliances designed for different usage models
    • Performance and benchmark metrics calculated for leading VMS applications
    • Flexible solutions to meet the evolving needs of the DSS market
    • True purpose built appliances designed by technical software and hardware development experts
    • All appliances are built in our own ISO certified manufacturing facility
    • Offer scalable and unique solutions to meet the evolving market needs
    • Build everything from the ground up to ensure our products are designed for the high bandwidth demands of the DSS market
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    Use this tool in selecting your xVault Network Video Recorder (xNVR)

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