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Digital Signage

  • Simple • Reliable • Scalable

    Simplify your Digital Signage Projects

    Seneca offers complete and scalable solution engineering, manufacturing, and integration services for the digital signage ecosystem. Delivering proven expertise in software and hardware integration, Seneca offers a range of media players that are compatible with leading CMS’ for simplified digital signage deployments. Seneca media players provide solutions for all digital signage projects including single display, low profile to high performance, video walls.

  • Seneca Certified Media Player Partners

    Seneca works hand in hand with leading Content Management Software (CMS) companies to provide certified media players for the digital signage market. Our engineering team optimized each media player based on the CMS requirements, allowing our customer to experience the best performance for each player. With a range of media players, Seneca offers solutions for single monitor deployments, intelligent kiosks, video walls, and much more.

    Certified Media Player Platforms


    • Customizable interactive solutions for mobile, touch screen, and multi-touch kiosks
    • Provides wayfinding, digital signage, and interactive 3D
    • Manage your entire signage networks centrally and effortlessly

    industry weapon

    • Solution for digital signs, wayfinding kiosks, interactive experiences, video walls
    • User friendly software interface that is simple and effective
    • Multiple platforms including Intel® NUC, Seneca HDN and HD1.3

    Intel RCM

    • Creates valuable consumer experiences and retail sales opportunities
    • Customize content on the fly to deliver a rich brand experiences
    • Remotely manage marketing campaigns in real time


    • Signage software to broadcast and monitor a network of digital signage
    • Easy and intuitive drag and drop interface
    • Supports an unlimited number of users


    • Advertising management solution for content creation, management, and distribution
    • Manage 1 screen of 1000 centrally, remotely, locally, or globally
    • Range of solutions for single monitor to dynamic video walls


    • Cloud-based signage software provider
    • Manage and update any digital signage device directly from the web
    • Platform capable of running large retail networks

    tightrope media systems

    • Web-based digital signage software platform
    • Start with a single display and expand to limitless channels or signage
    • Integrates with room scheduling software, weather, RSS, and video feeds

  • Digital Signage Products

    HDn HDN »
    • Internal Power Supply
    • Advanced thermal design
    • Additional front USB
    • Optional serial port
    NUC NUC »
    • Ultra compact form factor
    • Intel® HD4000 graphics
    • Low power consumption
    • Supports 2 displays
    HD 1.3 HD1.3 »
    • Run wireless, TV tuner, and serial port simultaneously
    • Fix Intel® mini-ITX motherboard
    • Thermally optimized for selected processor
    HD 2.2 HD2.2 »
    • Industrial chassis
    • Flexible configurations
    • Desktop core processor power
    • Wireless and TV tuner capable
    HD 2.5 HD2.5 »
    • Up to six outputs simultaneously
    • Ability to host video and capture cards
    • 1080p at 60 FPS across multiple, simultaneous displays
    X4-1800 X4-1800 »
    • Ultra-small compact design
    • Intel® HD Graphics
    • HDMI and VGA capable
    • Single monitor media playback at 1080p at 60FPS

  • digital signage applications

    Digital Signage Applications

    Business »
    Eliminating the clutter of numerous flyers and email that go unnoticed, corporate digital signage is the perfect solution to getting a message across the entire company.

    Casinos »
    Utilizing digital signage, casinos are able to engage their customers and display relevant information.

    Education »
    The Education market constantly needs to update students on events, schedule changes, news, book store promotions, athletic events, etc. Our Digital Signage Solutions allow Education facilities to update their message daily for changing and upcoming events.

    Financial »
    Financial institutions use digital signage to create a positive experience for their customers with infotainment and simplified transactions. Interactive kiosks are also deployed throughout banks to provide information about different banking options, requesting more information, or to easily apply for a loan or credit card.

    Restaurants »
    Restaurants can use digital signage to influence decisions and enhance the customer’s experience. Digital signage projects, for restaurants, require additional consideration because of the environment that the media player will live in. Seneca has specifically engineered solutions to meet these needs.

    Hospitals »
    Digital signage is a very attractive outlet for healthcare facilities with the ability to incorporate multiple channels over a single network (hospital). Provide telemedicine to clinical healthcare with telecommunication technologies, such as video conferencing, patient education, and education for hospital staff.

    Retail »
    Retail digital signage allows Retailers to maximize their exposure, engage with customers, introduce new products and promotion, and create brand loyalty.

    Sports Arenas »
    Seneca supports major sports arenas to accommodate all types of digital signage. Sports venues attract a large crowd of people, which requires a solution to deliver a message to a large audience while enhancing their experience.

    Transportation »
    Digital Signage is utilized in airports, train stations, buses, and along with many other transportation outlets for passenger entertainment, advertising, and messaging.

  • digital signage engineering

    Simple • Reliable • Scalable
    Certified Media Players with Leading Content Management Software (CMS)

    Seneca is committed to designing simple and reliable media players for our customers. In order to provide the best solution, Seneca media players undergo an extensive testing and certification process.

    Certified media players are essential in the market to guarantee your hardware and software is compatible as well as fully understanding your performance guidelines. Seneca works closely with CMS’ companies to test their software on our media players. Based on those results Seneca engineering can optimize the media player to ensure the digital signage solution achieves optimal performance.

    Extensive Performance and Benchmark Engineering

    Certification is important to make sure that the software and hardware works together and achieves maximum performance. In addition to certification testing, Seneca also tests each media player for:

    • Thermal Analysis
      Each media player is tested in Seneca’s world class thermal chamber. The thermal chamber ensures proper performance through extreme environments. This is ideal for solutions being deployed in restaurants, outdoor venues, and the transportation market.
    • Shake and Vibration
      Seneca utilizes a multi-point axis table for shake and vibration testing on our media players. This test allows our engineers to see the performance under extreme conditions. Seneca is able to optimize these media players to ensure proper performance at all times.
    • Environmental
      In addition to extensive testing Seneca will performance environmental testing to mirror real life scenarios. This allows us to be confident in our solutions and ensure our customers solutions meets all their demands at all times.
    • Benchmark
      Benchmark, component, and diagnosis testing to validate all media players. These tests include:
      • Full power analysis
      • ESD testing
      • EMI screening
      • Acoustical analysis
      • Safety certifications
    engineering thermal chamber

    World Class Thermal Analysis Chamber

  • Digital Signage Resources

    Seneca offers a broad range of Digital Signage media players and solutions to fill the needs of this market. We have expertise and knowledge in this market and look forward to assisting you in your next signage project. Below are resources to help you choose the right solution.

    singage products

    which video card is right for me
    Which Video Card Is Right For You? »

    Determine the best video cards for your HD2.5 project with this easy-to-use selection guide.
    digital signage resource guide
    Digital Signage Resource Guide »

    This resource guide will give you everything that you need to know about:
    • Seneca’s background
    • Benefits of partnering with Seneca
    • Why choose Seneca for Digital Signage
    • Seneca media player offering
    digital signage media reference
    Media Player Comparison Guide »

    Seneca offer a wide range of media players from low cost, single display to high definition, multi-display solutions capable of supporting video walls.
    • Specifications of all media players
    • First look at Seneca exclusive HD line up
    • Side by side comparison of options and special features
    Intel retail client manager
    Intel Retail Client Manager (RCM) Solutions Brief »

    Solutions brief offering turnkey digital signage solutions with proven hardware and software integration. Learn how Seneca:
    • Simplifies digital signage with turnkey solutions
    • Certification for Intel RCM software
    • How to shorten your time to market
    • Environmental testing and why it is important
  • seneca digital signage product selector Intel Retail Client Manager (RCM) Solutions Brief »
    Solutions brief offering turnkey digital signage solutions with proven hardware and software integration. Learn how Seneca:
    • Simplifies digital signage with turnkey solutions
    • Certification for Intel RCM software
    • How to shorten your time to market
    • Environmental testing and why it is important

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