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Remanufacturing Complete Cycle

Beyond the traditional niche reverse logistics, Seneca’s commitment to extending the value of all electronic devices through our remanufacturing processes benefits both the bottom line and the planet.

cycle - development In the Beginning…
The Seneca Lifecycle starts at solution engineering and development. Through a total-lifecycle perspective, Seneca drives added value throughout our scalable solution engineering, manufacturing and integration services for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and custom channel solutions. Seneca-engineered systems can be developed to exact product roadmap specifications: updates, refresh, and product longevity all accounted for. This phase forms the foundation of the lifecycle approach that is maintained throughout the life of the product.
cycle - update Ongoing Support
After deployment, Seneca brings support, update, and repair capabilities to every solution and extends the viability and value of computing platforms and electronic components throughout their useful life. Whether through hardware or software upgrades, updates, or repairs performed in the field or at our dedicated facility, Seneca maximizes the uptime of your technology deployments.
cycle - refurb To The End
End of life means recapturing value and practicing sound environmental methods. At the end of their useful life, Seneca Lifecycle services and programs can reclaim any remaining value from technology assets through liquidation. Seneca Lifecycle also includes complete remanufacturing and repair services to lengthen a product’s useful life. Products entering this phase can be remanufactured, repaired, refurbished, broken down, or recycled and sent out into appropriately managed marketplaces.




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