Not just another box

With Seneca, you’re not getting just another box. Our video hardware solutions are equipped with enterprise-grade components and proprietary software that ensures long-term reliability, next-level performance, and a streamlined approach for everything from installation to remote monitoring to disaster recovery, and more.

Physical security infrastructure you can count on

Seneca’s industry-leading video appliances are the backbone of mission critical physical security installations.

Our hardware ecosystem includes everything from network video recorders and storage servers to view stations and analytics servers. We are validated with all the leading VMS companies and optimize our systems to ensure peak performance.

You’ll benefit from our support throughout the entire lifecycle, from a configuration tool that we guarantee is accurate to security experts that pick up the phone when you call.

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Easy and consistent digital signage projects

Enjoy flawless playback in the most demanding environments with Seneca’s digital signage solutions. Our media players and all-in-one displays provide unrivaled performance. With Seneca’s digital signage solutions, there’s no “one-size-fits-all.” Customize our appliances to match the unique needs of your projects, ensuring reliability, security and long-term support.

But Seneca is more than just hardware. Our proprietary software tools deliver consistency and efficiency, from setup to backup and recovery, providing the fastest out-of-box experience in the digital signage industry.

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Custom designs built for your business

From hardware to software, integration, and systems, we work with you to embed, connect, and bring it all together.

We offer a full suite of services from design engineering to integration, manufacturing, and fulfillment, enabling you to deliver the latest technologies to market – quickly and efficiently.

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