Unmatched Video Expertise

Seneca drives the forefront of global innovation in physical security, digital signage, and edge computing. Through advanced video appliances and proprietary software, Seneca is redefining the deployment, capture, and management of state-of-the-art video content at the edge. Our mission is to redefine the deployment, capture, and management of state-of-the-art video content at the Edge. With the robust backing of Arrow Electronics’ extensive resources and global reach.


Why Seneca?

With an illustrious legacy spanning more than two decades, Seneca stands as an epitome of unmatched video expertise in both the security and digital signage realms. Our engineers possess an intricate understanding of integrators’ needs, providing insights that translate into business successes and heightened profitability. Through unwavering commitment to excellence and rigorous testing, we guarantee delivery of worry-free, top-tier technology for your installations.

Here for You

Seneca’s unparalleled mastery in video and digital signage technologies fuels premier installations worldwide. From coast to coast and across international borders, we stand by your side as your dedicated partner throughout your project lifecycle, from planning and configuration to deployment and ongoing maintenance.

Capabilities Beyond Hardware

Unlock the full potential of your hardware with our cutting-edge software. Experience seamless installation, industry-tailored optimization, and ongoing support. Simplify your operations, enhance efficiency, and expand your reach with Seneca’s innovative solutions.

Our Software

Backed by the Global Resources of Arrow

All of this is reinforced by Arrow’s global capabilities and our unwavering commitment to providing exceptional customer service. Whether it’s strategizing, installation, or post-sale assistance, choosing Seneca guarantees access to peak expertise and a positive engagement.

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