Turning possibility into reality. Together.

Design, build and deliver your next big idea

Every one of our solutions begins with the goal of simplifying the way people interact with technology.

Our engineering team can work directly with you to help you meet your technology development goals, and everything in our Seneca product line is imbued with what we learn from those engineering challenges. The result: some of the best purpose-built systems on the market. We build the most efficient and environmentally-designed large-format video players and video wall controllers in the industry, we have designed some of the most secure and reliable network video recorders and security management hardware available and we produce desktop and mobile computers for business at every scale.

We have a track record of 35 years of consistent growth. In August 2014, we joined the Arrow Electronics, Inc. (Arrow) family. Even as our company name has changed, our commitment to innovation, quality and service remains the same – so much so that the Seneca name lives on through the Seneca brand of products we continue to design and manufacture. We have a demonstrated competency of integrating products and services that result in customized solutions for our customers.

From hardware to software and systems, we embed it, connect it and bring it all together through a global network of more than 465 locations serving over 90 countries. A Fortune 150 company with 18,500 employees worldwide, Arrow brings technology solutions to a breadth of markets including digital signage, digital broadcasting, security and surveillance, telecommunications, information systems, transportation, medical, industrial and consumer electronics. Arrow provides specialized services and expertise across the product lifecycle. Arrow does this by connecting customers to the right technology at the right place at the right time and the right price. Arrow provides extraordinary value to customers and suppliers – the best technology companies in the world – and connects them through the company’s industry-leading services.

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Simply put, we help clients design, build, and deliver intelligent systems.

In your business, success hinges on delivering innovative, quality solutions to your customers that align with your strategy, are on time, and on budget. We support your goals—by adapting our products and services to fit your needs and expectations, by working with you across the entire lifecycle of your project, and by providing you with a wealth of expert resources from across the globe.

At Arrow, your mission is our mission. From design engineering services, global marketing and integration, global logistics, and business solutions, our dedicated team of experts is bringing it all together to help you deliver the latest technologies to market- quickly and efficiently. Arrow takes pride in adapting our services to fit your needs, processes and expectations. Our people take your challenges and your business’s success personally. Our entire team is committed to supporting your project every step of the way, turning possibility into reality. Together.