Digital Signage Products

Seneca offers a variety of digital signage products for the easiest out-of-box experience. From video wall controllers (VWC) to media players and more, our variety of digital signage products are simple, reliable, scalable, and can be tailored to your needs.

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Not all hardware for digital signage is equal. At Seneca, we are committed to continuing to build the technology to power the world’s foremost digital signage installations. Beyond simple products, we deliver a unique experience where our customers enjoy product availability, jaw-dropping performance, and unrivaled customer technical support.

We’ve got the Right Product for the Job

What does your next digital signage project look like? Do you have one display or many? Do you need good computing power or the best? Do you have much physical space to mount your product or not much? What CMS does your customer want to work with? Does your customer want to use the media player as an edge computer to exchange data with other IoT devices?

At Seneca, we answer those questions by building digital signage media players, all-in-one digital signage displays, and video wall controllers that adjust to the most specific needs of your business. And what’s better, our digital signage hardware comes at reasonable prices. With Seneca, obtaining the best performance, powered by the best components, doesn’t cost more. You can rest assured you’re getting the best product at the best price, with the best team behind it.

Choosing Seneca DS Hardware


  • Intel processor
  • Sizes 13.3” to 55”
  • Windows 10 IoT or Linux, or ChromeOS Flex
  • DC and PoE power options
  • MSRP starting at $1290.00


  • 10th Generation Intel® Core™ Processor
  • Windows 10 IoT LTSC
  • Dual HDMI, Quad HDMI, Dual SDI, Quad SDI
  • 3-Year Hot-Spare warranty
  • MSRP starting at at $3,940.00


  • Distribute video to 1-4 displays
  • Celeron® to i7 processor
  • Windows 10 IoT, Linux or ChromeOS Flex
  • Fanless and actively cooled design
  • MSRP starting at $610.00


  • Distribute video to 8-24 displays
  • i5 to i9 processor
  • Windows 10 IoT or Linux
  • 1U-4U chassis
  • MSRP starting at $3,430.00