InfoComm 2023 – Innovative Experiences at the Edge

InfoComm 2023, held in Orlando, Florida, brought together industry experts, technology enthusiasts, and businesses eager to explore the latest trends in all things audio-visual. It was an opportunity not to be missed by our Seneca team, who took part in showcasing the latest in our innovative Digital Signage+ solutions.

Digital signage technology has experienced significant innovation in recent years, with a new generation of capabilities taking digital signage players beyond simply delivering on-screen content. These innovations enable businesses to engage and communicate with their audiences in exciting new ways and InfoComm 2023 was the perfect place for us to demonstrate our solutions.

Interactive displays, engaging demonstrations, hardware devices, and insightful discussions about the capabilities and opportunities of Digital Signage+ marked Seneca’s presence. We engaged with visitors to show them how Digital Signage+ goes beyond simply displaying static images or videos to incorporate interactivity, data, and real-time content updates, creating a more immersive and personalized experience for audiences.

Our Element Smart Player was an edge game changer with its real-time connectivity capabilities that allow businesses to adapt and update messages based on “in-the-moment” customer behavior and patterns, consensually tailoring ads to capitalize on real-time data and trends, not just via screens but also targeted to audience apps and peripheral devices. The Element Smart Player’s 4G/LTE connectivity, enabled by Verizon Wireless and powered by Intel processors from Celeron® to Core™ i7, is responsible for extending connectivity securely to any endpoint, innovating experiences at the edge for the simplest to the most demanding applications. Businesses can dynamically schedule and deliver content based on specific events, audience demographics, or external factors like weather conditions. Integration with IoT and AI enhances the overall user experience by connecting IoT devices to display real-time data or trigger specific content based on certain events or conditions.

The interactivity made possible via the Element’s Smart Player allows audiences to actively engage with the content via touchscreens, gesture recognition, motion sensors, or even mobile device integration to allow users to interact with the displayed content. This interactivity enhances user engagement and provides a more personalized and interactive experience.

Digital Signage+ also opens new opportunities in manufacturing, healthcare, education, corporate environments, casinos, gaming, and fintech. The Element Smart Player can enable computer vision, sensor aggregation, and edge analytics in these industries.

Digital Signage+ represents the evolution of traditional digital signage, incorporating interactivity, real-time content updates, data integration, and advanced technologies to create more engaging and personalized experiences. By harnessing the power of digital displays and intelligent software, businesses can captivate their audiences, deliver targeted messaging, and ultimately enhance customer engagement and satisfaction.

Learn more about Seneca’s Digital Signage+ solutions, the Element Smart Player, or contact us today.

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