Hiperwall and Seneca

Certified hardware solutions for Hiperwall Video Wall Software

Problem Solving

Visualize data from many sources in the highest resolution to solve problems.


Collaborate with remote locations for comprehensive situational awareness.

Decision Making

See all information needed to make critical decisions quickly.


Facilitate collaboration and cooperation among teams for increased productivity.


Deliver impactful messaging and stunning presentations with ease.

The Simple Solution — Hiperwall and Seneca Together

Simplify the process of choosing the right components for your video wall system.

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Distributed Visualization

As you add more computers, the power of your system grows. With distributed visualization, you can display unlimited sources, benefit from unlimited resolution and manipulate content quickly and easily.


Seneca Certified Hardware

A full range of certified, pre-configured computers, ready to work with Hiperwall software.



Easy to expand a Hiperwall-powered system by simply adding cost-effective components.


Minimal training needed

Easy, intuitive control panel.

Communication Power

Enhanced Digital Signage
Live Audience Presentations

Decision-Making Power

Visual Collaboration
Advanced Analytics

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Seneca is ideal for customers that want a trusted advisor with the experience and expertise to provide the right solutions, make the selection process easier and enhance the installation requirements. Seneca enables customers with Hiperwall projects through this alliance of technology and industry expertise, guiding them with proper solutions that helps them complete projects on time and under budget.

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