Seneca and SpinetiX ARYA

Seneca provides certified media players for the SpinetiX ARYA cloud-based solution.

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Accelerate Your Business with SpinetiX ARYA

Businesses across all industries take advantage of technology to accelerate their business in an increasingly digital world. The Seneca media players with SpinetiX ARYA software are designed to ensure maximum performance and easy setup to drive your digital signage applications.

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Upload your media from your devices, power the cloud application and displays with your Seneca media player, use an unlimited number of displays, and put unique content of every screen.

The cloud-based digital-signage ready solution

Seneca media players with SpinetiX ARYA software is designed to get you noticed, bring passers-by to your business, and turn them into customers. The media players are purpose-built digital signage appliances that provide reliability to ensure low maintenance and operational costs with SpinetiX ARYA  and DSOS, the SpinetiX OS for signage.

  • Simple Setup
  • Reliable Performance
  • Scalable configurations


DSOS by SpinetiX: Made for Digital Signage

Seneca media players come pre-loaded with DSOS by SpinetiX. As a lightweight secure operating system designed for signage, DSOS enables SpinetiX ARYA and turns any qualified player into a ready-to-use signage appliance. This is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses as it makes signage agile, easy, intuitive, and quick.

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