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Master your edge computing projects with Seneca Edge Computers. Our small form factor devices offer unparalleled performance, rugged durability, and OS flexibility to match the needs of modern edge and IoT applications. Speed up decision-making with real-time processing and ensure uninterrupted connectivity with 4G/LTE-enabled options.


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Our Verticals


Elevate manufacturing efficiency with Seneca Edge Computers. Streamline decisions with real-time analytics, save costs through predictive maintenance, and boost customer satisfaction with enhanced quality control.   

Health Care

Enhance patient care with precision and security. Seneca Edge Computers provide the mobility, resilience, and IoT integration essential for contemporary healthcare settings such as hospitals, clinics, ambulances, and medical field operations.

Casino Gaming

Boost casino ops with Seneca Edge Computers. Get real-time processing & superior security. Flawless performance, even on the challenging casino floor. Elevate gaming efficiency.


Boost retail efficiency & customer experiences with Seneca Edge Computers. Real-time processing, reliability, & low latency. Elevate operations with Seneca’s agility & performance.

Smart Cities

Drive smart city evolution with Seneca’s Edge Computers. Support myriad applications for efficient, secure, & connected urban landscapes.



Leverage real-time analytics to optimize your manufacturing process and improve overall efficiency.

Quality Control

Detect failures and product defects proactively, ensuring only top-quality products get to the market.

Machine Monitoring
and Control

Reduce Capex by constantly monitoring machinery and equipment, ensuring good health and top performance.



Point-of-Care Documentation

Ensure medical personnel have real-time access to patients’ records, medical charts, test results, treatment plants and more. 

Emergency Medical Services

Use Seneca Edge Computers to enhance ambulances and emergency response vehicles, giving EMS personnel access to essential patient information.

Medical Imaging and Diagnostics

Support the processing and displaying of medical images, enabling healthcare professionals to make faster decisions and improve patient care.


Casino Gaming

Casino Gaming

Slot Machine

Process game logic, handle real-time gameplay and manage player interactions. 

Real-time Analytics and Player Tracking

Analyze behavior and preferences real time, collecting insights to improve offerings.

Live Gaming and Streaming

Process real-time data and manage betting transactions for a smooth experience in live gaming sessions.


Point-of-Sale (POS) Systems

Process transactions, manage inventory and generate receipts faster at the Point-of-Sale.


Enhance the in-store customer experience with insightful information and convenient self-checkout options.   

Customer Engagement and Digital Signage

Dynamize your stores by showcasing promotions, offers and engaging content to attract, inform and entertain customers.


Smart Cities


Gather real-time analytics from sensors to track key environmental factors, such as air quality, temperature, and beyond.


Embrace intelligent waste management. Analyze data from bins and trucks to optimize routes and practices.  


Enable cities to cut energy costs and minimize light pollution. Utilize sensor data for adaptive lighting solutions.


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