xConnect Remote Management Platform allows you to monitor your system hardware remotely and provide notification for potential service issues.

  • Intuitive system monitoring
  • Proactive event notification
  • Simple ecosystem management
  • Core (local) and Guardian (web) versions


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Features Comparison

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xConnect Core

xConnect Guardian

Local Device Telemetry Y Y
Multi-Device LAN Monitoring Y Y
Local Dashboard Y Y
Email Notification Y* Y
IP Peripheral Status Y** Y
Web Dashboard N Y
Multi-Site Monitoring N Y
Remote Command N Y*
Secure Remote Session N Y
Ecosystem Management N Y
API Integration N Y**
XC vBridge Virtual Gateway N Y
Custom Branding N N
XC Bridge Physical Gateway N N
*Must have local SMTP server.

*Remote command feature available. User responsible for execution. 

Available as paid service.

**Devices MUST be on LAN.

**API integration feature available. User responsible for integration. 

Available as paid service.


Price: Included

Per System/Monthly

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