Qognify and Seneca

Optimized for Ocularis. Certified by Qognify. Guaranteed by Seneca.

Single Source

With decades of experience in the physical security space, Seneca is now the single source for Qognify Ocularis-optimized and certified hardware. The partnership delivers the clarity, urgency and expertise to create the perfect physical security solution – and get it to you quickly through the flexible access and intuitive UI of Ocularis. Together we will deliver the convenience of optimized, certified and guaranteed hardware for your project. Along with the hardware solution, Seneca provides the ability to procure the Ocularis software to make the ordering process easier and quicker.

  • Certified Product Recommendations
  • Fast Turnaround and Lead times for orders
  • Simple and Easy Installation
  • Outstanding Customer Support

Multiple Features and Benefits

Not just a box to meet minimum hardware specifications, the Qognify-optimized solutions offered by Seneca are purpose-built for Ocularis to enhance performance capabilities and improve installation efficiency. The Seneca servers come equipped with the Qognify Quick optimization platform that orchestrates configuration in a fraction of the time a typical setup takes. You, in turn, save hundreds of keystrokes and wasted hours, while coming in on time and under budget.


The Seneca product selector removes the guesswork from the hardware decision process and provides the right solution specifically for the Ocularis application.


Quick gets your optimized system up and running in minutes instead of hours. We have channeled years of value engineering into an intuitive dashboard, eliminating hundreds of keystrokes. You do not even need an internet connection or data transfer from external drives.


Q-Connect is Seneca’s exclusive platform that puts you in complete control of your security hardware with an easy-to-use dashboard allowing you to audit, manage and act remotely. You will receive instant alerts reporting problems before customers do, allowing you to be more proactive.


Seneca Backup and Recovery (SBAR) is included as a built-in factory backup. SBAR captures a snapshot of your OS, apps, customizations and settings with three clicks. This provides flexibility to restore your systems to a factory image or from a snapshot, all in one place.


Contact Us for Project Support

Seneca is ideal for customers that want a trusted advisor with the experience and expertise to provide the right solutions, make the selection process easier and enhance the installation requirements. Seneca allows security professionals to engage with Qognify-Ocularis projects through this alliance of technology and industry expertise, guiding them with proper solutions that helps them complete projects on time and under budget.

Target verticals include:

  • Education – Higher Education and K-12
  • Public Safety
  • Healthcare

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