Seneca xVault Storage Solutions

Powered by NetApp VSS, the Seneca xVault Storage product line combines the best features of Seneca security products and NetApp technology. The xVault line includes SKUs specifically designed and selected by Seneca and NetApp to meet the needs of security installations.

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Benefit from an optimized system

Seneca and NetApp have worked together to engineer a system that provides the ideal infrastructure for video surveillance. That means fast performance and excellent reliability.

The new xVault Storage, powered by NetApp, works seamlessly with Seneca servers to process, store, and playback video. Both are optimized for high performance, certified with leading VMS software, and feature manageability tools that increase uptime and reduce the overhead of support.

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Up to 3x the throughput of other surveillance solutions.



Up to 99.999% uptime.



Tens of petabytes worth of storage with capacity added without downtime.

Configuration made easy

Uncertain how to leverage a storage area network in your next install? We’ve got you covered. Seneca’s Product Selector Tool (PST) is the most advanced sizing tool on the market. Based on over a decade of in-house testing, Seneca’s PST leverages proprietary algorithms that enable you to accurately size servers and storage as a complete unified system.

Simply input a few critical parameters for the installation and instantly receive clear recommendations for the best configuration options, including specific SKUs that will deliver the performance you need. We even make it easy for you to save your preferred cameras for future opportunities.

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Who benefits from xVault Storage?

  • Government, including FED and SLED
  • Transportation
  • Gaming
  • Education

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