ElementMP Series

MSRP Starting at $550

A configurable state-of-the-art media player.

Whether you need an entry-level device or something for an enterprise application, the Element media player offers unparalleled performance for digital signage installations.

Based on a modular design, it provides flexible configuration options to accommodate a broad range of performance, environmental and content requirements. It’s also the only Verizon certified media player with embedded 4G LTE connectivity.

Simple. Reliable. Scalable.

Built with enterprise grade components, including an Intel processor and a Windows IoT (or Linux) OS, the Element line delivers flawless playback in even the most demanding environments. It also provides a consistent, fast and easy out-of-box experience, thanks to our proprietary Maestro software.

While we offer ready to ship configurations, the Element’s modular design means you can dial in exactly the performance the application requires for more complex jobs. Choose your processors, memory, cooling (active or passive), power (internal or external), and preferred output options.

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Innovation at the Edge

Digital signage opportunities abound – and sometimes in locations where network cabling isn’t available. That’s why we’ve collaborated with Verizon to certify our media player as optimized to run on their network. With an embedded Verizon sim card, the Element’s connectivity features can be activated in minutes.

This not only means you can deliver 8K content at the edge, but the Element’s flexible, dynamic configuration creates the possibility of more. Use it as an IOT device to interface with smart sensors. Or as an edge gateway, aggregating field data to push to the cloud. The ElementMP has the possibility to open up a world of opportunities for you.


Unleash your edge computing power

Take your digital signage beyond its standard functionality with the ElementMP series media players and the AWS IoT Greengrass service. The combination of the Element series and the AWS platform ensures greater performance, minimizing the need and associated costs of central cloud environments further reducing latency at the edge.

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Key Features

  • Validated for optimal performance with all the leading CMS providers
  • Exclusive embedded and certified Verizon 4G/LTE w/ dual high gain antenna
  • Intel processors (Celeron, Pentium, i3, i5 or i7)
  • Windows iOT (or Linux) Operating System

ElementMP Series Models

Based on a modular design, the ElementMP offers two main form-factors, coming in both an actively cooled chassis as well as a fanless, passively cooled version. Moreover, both platforms offer the option for a standard external power supply, (or ‘brick’), or an internal power supply, (cable only), for installations where there’s just not enough room for an external PSU.


  • Active cooling options
  • Multiple processor tiers to accommodate content types
  • Internal or External power supply
  • Tool-Less Vesa mount
  • GPIO Header
  • Dual NIC


  • Fanless cooling
  • Internal or External Power supply
  • Wide Temperature components
  • Multiple processor tiers to accommodate content types
  • Tool-Less Vesa mount
  • GPIO Header

Easy to Buy, Deploy, and Maintain

Implementing your ElementMP has never been easier. Driven by Seneca’s proprietary Maestro application, performance tunings, system optimizations, and software installation are executed in minutes, not hours, with just a few clicks through our navigation wizard, all achieved without the need for internet access. When it comes time to connect, ElementMP has dual NICs, Wi-Fi, and 4G options, ensuring that wherever your project is, connectivity is possible. With the added convenience of our tool-less VESA mount, installing the ElementMP is quick and simple.

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While installed in the field, maintaining visibility on the health of your device and its performance is a must, and to ensure maximum uptime, all ElementMP devices are compatible with the Seneca xConnect Guardian remote management platforms out-of-box – and backed by our industry-leading warranty, supported by our world-class team of visual media experts, and pre-integrated with our SBAR recovery system.

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Why Seneca?

Seneca is a leading hardware provider for digital signage, kiosk, and Digital Out Of Home for many applications including QSR, retail, grocery and convenience, programmatic advertising, hospitality, and entertainment. We strategically partner with leading CMS providers to implement the easiest out-of-box experience through our Maestro application.

Seneca takes great care in the platforms we deliver, and the ElementMP is no exception. Once you have experienced Seneca and our ElementMP series, you’ll see why this platform is the choice of industry professionals.

Element Series Product Photos

Element Series, Fanned

Element Series, Fanned

Element Series, Fanless

Element Series, Fanless

*Linux support for ElementMP is limited to specific distributions and kernel versions of Linux. All images and applications for the ElementMP must use a Seneca-provided version of Linux.