Seneca Marketing Services

We offer extraordinary marketing services such as whitelabeling, branding and design consulting for OEM, VAR’s and Corporate Entities. Please call us at  1-800-227-3432 to learn more! An updated page is coming soon, so check back here often!

Monthly Communications

In today’s frenetic business environment staying on top of industry trends and promotions is a daunting task. Seneca has developed a series of focused communications to help our partners stay informed and learn about new revenue generating activities, trainings and events without overburdening them.
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Private Label Services

Seneca’s Co-branding and Private Label solutions allow partners to leverage the power of their existing brand or company name, while reducing production cost and improving quality. Seneca offers a comprehensive range of desktop, notebook and server private label programs which are successfully being used today by ISVs, system integrators, and VARs.

Our many years of experience allows us to guarantee that our partner’s private label business will be a lasting success. You can count on dependable product quality as the primary benefit to Seneca’s private label computing products. Benefits also touch other aspects of a successful private label such as custom literature, custom packaging and more.

“Because of added service we provide to the hardware our clients purchase from us, we wanted the packaging and hardware to be consistent with our brand image and logo. Seneca was responsive and efficient in carrying out our requests, providing us with a great looking image to present to our customers.”
– Tracy Lucas, Marketing Coordinator, HI Touch

Product Literature

Our professional marketing staff designs, develops and distributes a bi-annual product catalog featuring the Nexlink product line along with select vendor partner products. As a partner you will have an effective hardcopy catalog and product brochure selection to help sell your solutions and win new business. Unique product brochures are also developed selectively to showcase a specific solution or hardware offering.

Reseller Programs

Competing against big box retail stores and discount e-tailers is a challenge most business face at some time. Seneca understands this obstacle and has partnered with our vendors to offer up a series of programs to help you win business against this competition. Many of our partner vendors offer reseller rebates to reduce cost and increase ever tightening margins. Seneca also offers select opportunities on Nexlink branded systems to incentivize our partners to try new products and broaden their product and solution offering.

Retail Signage and Collateral

An often overlooked aspect of running a successful business is simply promoting your offerings. Seneca has a series of retail signage and collateral pieces available to our partners. Nexlink branded retail posters and banners are available to you as a Seneca partner on a limited basis. If you need additional or custom solutions our design staff is experienced in developing custom collateral.

Web Ad-Builder Tools

Keeping your website relevant and up to date is critical in making sure your visitors come back and get value each time. Seneca has developed a syndicated content management ad builder tool to ensure your Nexlink product offerings are fresh and engaging, saving you time and enabling you to get more new business.

For Our Elite and Premier Partners

For partners who have invested in selling Nexlink as a core part of their offering Seneca has created an advanced tool kit to help drive sales even further.

  • Custom packaging and collateral
  • Professional Photography
  • Work with Seneca to build a case study around a recent Nexlink solution that has been implemented into an end user setting in the last six months.
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